The Case For Conflict Coaching

The Case For Conflict Coaching

  • November 2018
  • Posted By Chris Pike

To follow is a case, which had it been referred to us earlier, may well have had a different outcome.
C is a team leader and M a young man who joined her team.
At first, they got on fine and then one day she spoke to him generally about a work matter and he ignored her and walked away. This came totally out of the blue and C wondered why it had happened. Had she spoken sharply to him, was she overloading him with too much work? She could not pinpoint any issue that would cause him to behave that way.
This was the start of M arriving late, taking extended lunch breaks, and only communicating with C aggressively through email. C asked him what was wrong but he refused to tell her. It was difficult, the atmosphere in the office on a daily basis was very challenging.
A formal disciplinary procedure commenced which resulted in a dismissal. The young man left without revealing the reason for his behaviour.

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Would the outcome have been different if conflict coaching had been utilised for both team manager and employee?
Possibly, it is certainly worth trying conflict coaching before the formal disciplinary route. A trained conflict coach will work with the parties on a one-to-one basis, supporting and looking at ways of resolving any conflict. Individuals are provided with an independent, impartial and confidential opportunity to talk freely about personal and professional issues which impact on their performance.
If you have an employee dispute do not let it escalate, contact Talk To Me Mediation without delay. Early intervention is the key to a successful resolution.
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