The Benefits of Conflict Coaching

The Benefits of Conflict Coaching

  • November 2018
  • Posted By Chris Pike

In today’s blog I will explain about some of the benefits of conflict coaching. So, you are at the stage in a dispute where it’s deadlock. It may be that you or members of staff are at the no talking stage. What can you do? If two parties or more want a mutually acceptable agreement, then mediation is an ideal option. However, there may be circumstances where only one party is willing to engage. In these situations, it is worth considering conflict coaching as an alternative.
Conflict coaching is a process in which a specially trained coach helps support either one or both participants on a one to one basis to address and resolve a conflict. The role of the coach is not limited to support only, he/she can also motivate, advice or train. The process aims to:

• Improve your conflict skills so you can engage in conflict more constructively.
• Become better informed about your understanding of the conflict.
• Be able to better understand both your own and others’ perspectives/needs.
• Be able to identify and evaluate your choices for moving forward.

This will hopefully result in future focused positive statements being drawn up with the participants to address the conflict. As with mediation, the process is confidential, and the coach will be independent, impartial and will not judge in any way.
The team at Talk To Me Mediation are small business trouble-shooter. If you are in dispute, we will advise you of your options and provide you with information to help put you on the right track. If you are in deadlock and unable to resolve a dispute, we offer conflict coaching or mediation to help you reach a settlement.

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