Tackling Conflict Within Your Business

Tackling Conflict Within Your Business

  • October 2018
  • Posted By Chris Pike

Have you noticed that all is not right with your staff?
Has a little bird told you that two of them have fallen out?
Is the atmosphere tense and upsetting other staff members?

conflict coaching_

If this seems familiar you have a conflict situation in your midst that needs to be resolved quickly for the welfare of your staff and before it impacts on your business.
In any situation where individuals are having difficulty resolving conflict, it is worth looking at conflict coaching. A trained conflict coach helps individuals on a one-to-one basis to improve problem solving, interpersonal skills and leadership.
This one-to-one approach provides individuals with an independent, impartial and confidential opportunity to talk freely about personal and professional issues which impact on their performance. A session will look at addressing specific concerns such as managing or working with someone who is being difficult and resolving conflict between staff members.
Conflict coaching looks at the way individuals are currently dealing with a difficult situation and provides support in creating more effective ways of responding to it.
Talk To Me Mediation offers a conflict coaching service for business. If you would like to discuss how conflict coaching might help to ease an existing situation, telephone 07847 811843 or e-mail enquiries@talktomemediation.co.uk for a free one hour consultation.


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