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Business Compliance Fees 

Fair trading law, compliance, information and advice, £50 per hour.

Mediation Fees

Amount you are claiming Mediator fees per party Length of session Additional hours per party
£5000 or less£50 1 hour£50 per hour
£5000 or less £100 2 hours £50 per hour
£5000 to £15000 £300 3 hours £85 per hour
£15000 to £50000 £425 4 hours £95 per hour

For the one hour rate the option is available to facilitate settlement over the telephone if appropriate, and if the parties agree. It will be agreed in advance whether a small claim should be dealt with in one or two hours.

If the claim is for more than £50,000, the fees will need to be negotiated and agreed. Where a  mediation involves no monetary claim. the fees will need to be negotiated and agreed.

Any preparation time is included in these fees.  Incidental expenses such as the cost of a venue, travel and subsistence would be additional to the above fees.

Fees are required to be paid before the mediation session.

Full terms and conditions available on request.