Don’t Fear Mediation

Don’t Fear Mediation

  • November 2018
  • Posted By Chris Pike

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At Talk To Me Mediation we often come across parties who are afraid to go to mediation. It may be that there is uncertainty what mediation is or how it works, it may be that one party fears the other party. Whatever the reason, for mediation to succeed both parties must agree to take part in the mediation process, so it is vitally important that any fears they may have are allayed and they are happy to proceed. Where parties are not sure what is involved, we do our outmost to fully explain the process to the parties to put them at ease.
In brief, mediation is quicker and less stressful than court action, it is generally much cheaper and it is confidential.
Mediators are independent, non-judgemental and impartial. An appointed mediator will ensure each party is heard and understood and will help the parties to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement going forward.
If tensions are running high, where one party is concerned about sitting in the same room as the other party, a shuttle mediation can take place in two rooms. The mediator will move between both parties privately, working out each issue and relaying agreed messages and information between the parties.
The mediator is used to handling tense situations and trained to assist the parties through negotiation.
If the negotiation is successful, the mediator will write up the agreement and the parties will be asked to sign if they agree.
Statistics indicate that over 80% of mediations result in a settlement. However, if mediation is unable to resolve the dispute, the parties are still able to go to court, nothing has been lost by trying mediation first.
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