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Talk To Me Mediation (Wales) Ltd – Accredited Service for Small Business

Talk To Me Mediation is based in Wales and provides an accredited, cost effective and confidential mediation service for small businesses. Breach of contract can be devastating and if you fail to be paid for goods supplied or work completed, this may impact upon the survival of your business. Being let down by a supplier will in turn lead to a breach of contract with customers and this can affect your reputation and result in penalties and economic loss.

You may currently be involved in a dispute that is harming your business. Despite your best efforts you have been unable to resolve the matter and you are now considering court action. Before going to court, it is well worth considering mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a cost effective and quick way of resolving disputes without the greater cost, time and stress of court action. It involves an independent impartial third party, a mediator, who helps the parties in dispute negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement.

The mediator aids clear communication and guides the parties to resolution. It is the parties themselves, not the mediator, who decide the terms of any agreement that is reached.

Mediation is a voluntary, completely confidential process and does not exclude any other options through court at a later stage. The courts may expect mediation to have been attempted prior to you lodging your claim at court.

Mediation achieves a resolution in 90% of cases and offers high levels of satisfaction.

Both parties share the cost of mediation which will depend on the value and complexity of the claim.

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Call Chris Pike on 07847 811 843, or click here to submit an email.. Chris will discuss the details of your enquiry with you and help you decide whether mediation is your best option.

Mediation….a confidential, cost effective solution